Digital currencies began in 2008 with the invention of bitcoin — money that could be created, traded and tracked on the internet.

Since then, cryptocurrencies have multiplied. Some have been designed to beat bitcoin in ease of use, cost and speed. Others serve as tokens for new versions of the blockchain, a method of secure online tracking and bookkeeping that makes crypto possible.

Cipcoin Begins Spreading Like Wildfire

Cryptocurrency is measured by total market value and price. These metrics can and do swing wildly from day to day, depending on the fleeting enthusiasm of traders. Nothing backs cryptocurrency except its prospective value as a store of value or medium of exchange. Since such value depends on marketing and technical innovation, and new digital money is constantly being created, dabbling investors are taking on significant risk.

A Good Year in 2021

The numbers climbed steadily for Cipcoin through 2021. The metrics peaked in October of that year when the price of a Cipcoin reached $0.8 — a rise of 1000% over the previous 25 days. For a brief period, Cipcoin had a larger market valuation than dogecoin and had reached the top 10 of all cryptocurrencies in total market capitalization. 

Trader, Take Heed: Should You Invest?

These predictions forecast a hefy return this year and over the next several years. On paper, that kind of return certainly outruns anything possibly offered by stocks, bonds or just about any other kind of investment.

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